Industrial Manufacturing


From individual components to fully manufactured and assembled goods, Tiger Global's industrial manufacturing division can help you manufacture goods at low cost in China.

Our network of manufacturers can offer rapid prototypes, fabricators, injection moulders, gears, mould casting, die casting, CNC, metal punching and laser cutting. We also work with a network of prototyping companies that offer single or low volume batch production of your product.

Our partner company in Ningbo adds further reliability and scalability to hands-on assembly of products. IP protection is a top priority for many of our customers. By working with our long-standing assembly plant, Tiger Global can ensure that component suppliers never get to see the finished product.

Whether it is a single item you require, or whether you wish to outsource the manufacturing, assembly and global distribution of your product, Tiger Global has a wealth of experience in industrial manufacturing in China.

  • Individual components through to fully assembled product
  • Rapid injection tooling and injection moulding
  • CNC, SLA, SLS, & vacuum casting prototypes
  • Metal fabrication
  • Die casting
  • Metal punching and laser cutting

  • Gears
  • Precision machining / turning
  • Prototypes and small batch production
  • Full-scale mass production
  • Quality control