Contracted Supply Chains


Every supply chain is unique. Tiger Global offers its clients a comprehensive contracted supply chain solution delivered by the team in the UK and China.

Each supply chain is developed in conjunction with our clients, often on an open book basis. Working in close partnership with you, we walk through every step of the sourcing and supply chain process to ensure every area is covered. We need to gain a very good insight to the components or products you require, and a detailed brief will be drawn up with you to ensure we are all on the same page.

The key to a successful supply chain is total transparency from both our customer and us as the supplier. Substantial cost savings can be made by outsourcing an entire supply chain to China, and with a full understanding of your requirements, this can be achieved successfully.

Our bespoke web-based ordering system adds further value to our contracted supply chain services. Once the supply chain is in place and operational, this online system can be populated with your products, simplifying the processing and tracking of orders with a simple shopping cart style interface. It even suggests loading quantities to ensure that you maximise the number of items in a container, saving you money on freight

Working closely with our logistics team, multiple goods can be consolidated in our Shanghai warehouse where 2nd level quality control is completed before your goods are loaded into containers for shipment to any destination around the world.

In the UK we also offer customs clearance, VAT- and duty management, delivering goods right to your door.

If you have a project that could benefit from our contracted supply chain offering, contact one of our account managers today to discuss your requirements.

  • Factory independent
  • Multiple factory manufacturing and management
  • Bespoke online purchasing solution tailored to your needs (one-click ordering)
  • Mixed container shipments
  • Consolidation and assembly of products

  • Open book contracts
  • Global shipping destinations
  • Focus on driving down costs
  • Strategic, long-term approach