Contracted, multi-tiered supply chain

What We Need From You

Any sourcing requirement must start with a detailed brief. Our London-based team will walk you through all that is needed to kick off the project.

Just to give you a flavour of the type of questions we may ask, here are some things to consider before the initial call. Don’t worry if you don’t have all the answers, we can always give guidance on the phone.

General Sourcing:

  • Do you have a target price?
  • Which country are the products destined to?
  • Do you know of any specific compliance or industry standards the product must adhere to?
  • Do the products need to be manufactured in an ethically audited factory?
  • Is this a repeat project or one-off?
  • What is the lead time?
  • Are you buying FOB or will you want the goods customs cleared and delivered to your door?
  • Are there any specific materials or print requirements?
  • Are there any specific packaging requirements?
  • Do you need consolidated shipments of more than one product?
  • Do you or your customer have any special delivery requirements (e.g. must be palletised)?

For new product development we may ask:

  • Do you have full production ready CAD?
  • Is there a production prototype or will you require us to make one?
  • What countries does your IP cover?
  • Are all materials fully defined for the product?
  • What sort of volumes are you expecting to order (1st order and then ongoing)?

For textiles we may also ask:

  • What is the volume per style required?
  • Do you have a sample for us to see/copy?
  • Do you require technical drawings / pattern making?
  • Are there any specific fabrics you require?

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