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Things We've Done

  • Core 150 Shaker

    From concept to shop shelves

    In 2011, the management team at Core 150 came to Tiger Global with a very innovative product in the sports nutrition sector. Having demonstrated our expertise in new product development, we were selected as Core 150's manufacturing partner. With initial concept designs, the UK team worked closely with Core 150 to refine a model that was fit for manufacturing.

    Our China team went through a factory selection process before deciding on a manufacturer that could meet our strict quality, scalability and corporate and social responsibility requirements.

    Over the course of six months, the product was refined and rapid prototypes developed to show proof of concept and designs.

    Tiger Global enabled Core 150 to completely outsource their production of the shaker cups with confidence that their product will meet the strict retention requirements. We advised them on all the compliance certification they needed for each country into which the product would be sold, and managed this testing on their behalf.

    Tiger Global also handles all shipments of goods into every continent on Core 150's behalf. The complete outsourcing of manufacturing, compliance and ongoing freight allows Core 150 to concentrate on what they are good at: marketing and sales.

    Eighteen months on, I am pleased to say that the Core 150 shaker cup is now gaining serious market penetration in every continent and we are now working on new versions for the range.

    "Tiger Global were key to the success of the Core 150 product. From our very first meeting, it was clear that they offer much more than your usual supplier/customer relationship and the advice and support we have received from them has been exceptional."

    Michael Devlin: Managing Director of Core 150

  • Bubblescope

    The whole package

    When it comes to new innovations, we are all ears, and when Tom Lawton approached us with his BubbleScope concept, we knew he had something very special.

    The BubbleScope is an optical lens attachment that turns your smartphone into a full 360º camera, letting you shoot single-moment 360º still images and fully immersive 360º video. It's like having Google Streetview in your pocket but with video too!

    Amazingly, the BubbleScope was first conceived by Tom way back in 2003. He even developed a working prototype that encompassed a 360 optical system with a digital camera and video display in the base. Later on, and with mobile phone technology moving at such a pace, Tom had the inspiration to ditch incorporating all of the electronics and simply create an optical accessory that worked with all the amazing camera and processing technology that we all now carry around in our pockets.

    The Tiger Global team has been integral to the realization of the whole project from concept to delivery and beyond. Prototyping, supply chain, route to market and global distribution agreements, on-line media sharing system and app platform architecture, brand creation and marketing, direct channel e-commerce. The whole shebang.

    In 2012, the BubbleScope won a Lovie award for innovation in the mobile sector and is now being enjoyed by a growing number of customers all around the world through a network of international distributors. It's well on its way to becoming a global success, we are integrated with the business at the highest level and are very proud to be a part of the project.

    "What can I say other than: if you have a new idea or product you want to take to market, talk to these guys!"

    Tom Lawton: 'Inventor' at BubblePix

  • Great Branding

    Retail & promotional merchandise

    Great Branding are a leading UK merchandising company with licences for some of the world's biggest brands.

    Tiger Global works closely with Great Branding to help them deliver products from a wide network of manufacturers in China. We offer them support on their range development, their new products and we manufacture their chosen products for a vast array of sporting events including football, athletics, basketball and skiing.

    Dealing with these top brands and their sponsors, Tiger Global was tasked with very strict factory auditing requirements to meet all necessary corporate and social responsibility requisites.

    Our programme of factory selection has allowed Great Branding to outsource the manufacturing of a range of goods to Tiger Global, knowing that they are fully compliant and the goods are on-brand.

    One of our greatest challenges is lead times. Given that many of the sporting events have as little as two weeks between competitions, Tiger Global has consistently managed short lead time productions for a range of products to ensure goods arrive in time to be sold pre-event.

    We look forward to working with Great Branding in the future and being part of their success.

    "With huge demands on delivering within a very short lead time, Tiger Global has consistently delivered on their promises and form an integral part of our product sourcing on key product lines."

    Peter Higgins – Sales Director for The Great Branding Company

  • Costa Coffee

    Contracted supply chains & retail merchandise

    Tiger Global provides a range of services to Costa Coffee (Whitbread) across a number of our service offerings. Working with Costa, we developed an online ordering system that enables all of their international franchise partners in 26 countries to place orders for consumables in an 'Amazon style' ordering system.

    This enabled Tiger Global to manage a multiple factory supply agreement across a range of products, while delivering a simple to use interface for Costa's franchise partners to place orders for their in store consumables.

    Through our facility in Shanghai, we were able to load mixed containers of goods and ship them to any country were Costa had a presence, enabling them to grow and not worry about supply chain challenges.

    "Tiger Global has worked with Costa and its worldwide partners to introduce a broad range of products – both consumable and durable goods - which have supported a significant reduction in overheads for our franchisees, whilst maintaining (and in many cases improving) product quality.
    Tiger Global strikes an effective balance which allows Costa to seize the opportunities of Far East sourcing whilst managing the challenges and risks inherent to this type of supply chain."

    Cemil Djemil – Costa International Supply Chain Manager

  • Phoenix Petrol Station

    Industrial manufacturing across multiple sectors

    Phoenix Petrol Stations have been working on conceptual designs for a new style of vending machine that is set to revolutionise the way we shop. In 2011 they engaged with Tiger Global to deliver a range of prototypes on a very tight lead time.

    Having delivered on our promises, Tiger Global is now their preferred sourcing and manufacturing partner to take the product into mass production.

    The project is one of great depth, requiring a number of factories to produce parts. Tiger Global then manages the assembly of these components. This was implemented to help protect the intellectual property of the product while in the development stages, giving Phoenix complete peace of mind.

    This project is multi-faceted, requiring steel and aluminium fabrication, injection moulding, turned parts, electronics, laser cutting, punch machines as well as rapid prototype parts.

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