Contracted, multi-tiered supply chain

Textile / Garment Production

  • Western owned and run factory in Dongguan
  • Run by two expats from Germany and South Africa
  • Focus on quality, low cost & low MOQs from 100+ garments
  • Highly experienced management team – offering advice to improve garments
  • Factory that will meet and exceed all CSR requirements (visits are welcome!)

In January 2012, Tiger Global opened its first clothing factory in China. The factory is both Western owned and run, with production and design overseen by a German and South African.

Our approach to this factory is somewhat different form the norm (as we like to be). We target smaller, new to market or niche brands that want access to low-cost Chinese manufacturing but were unable to find a supplier to support their low initial volumes or meet their quality standards.

Our factory has been set up specifically to target low volume high-quality garment production from as little as 100 units up to 10,000. This unique approach to low starting volumes enables young brands and entrepreneurs to gain access to low-cost manufacturing in China and grow their business with us.

As you can see from the image above, our factory really stands out from others you may have seen or visited in China and we have some of the best machinists in Dongguan making exceptionally high-quality garments.

Here are some of the services that our factory can offer:

  • Pattern making
  • Sample production
  • Material sourcing and testing
  • Range development
  • Photography
  • Creating a distinctive look and feel
  • Overall brand ID and development
  • Low-cost manufacturing
  • Upkeep with latest trends in the market segment
  • Creating multiple ranges per year
  • Garment production

Because our factory is at the centre of the apparel and accessories market, the team in Dongguan can also offer a turnkey solution to garments and most other accessories. Already in development are a new range of men's trainers, women's designer shoes and belts by third-party factories.

All outsourced work is overseen by our team to ensure that any third-party supplier of shoes and accessories meets the high level of quality we expect from our own factory.

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