Contracted, multi-tiered supply chain

Product Sourcing Overview

Everybody wants to get things made wherever they can do it cheapest, right? It makes sense. Whether it is a one-off production or an on-going supply chain, it makes sense to shop around globally, not just locally, for whatever it is you want to manufacture. Maybe it is a component part of your own product, maybe it’s the whole product, or maybe it's a retail or merchandise item you need made once or regularly. No matter what it is, it has to be done to the right level of quality and at the right price.

Controlling production on the other side of the world isn’t always straightforward. Particularly if the product you want to make isn't just a straight off the shelf widget. There’s the language barrier, the different time zones, the local knowledge.....the solution is to have a local team on the ground, preferably with a full commercial set-up rather than just a representative office, which is experienced and can manage things on your behalf. It is even better if they work seamlessly with an English-speaking client and project management office, based in the UK, which manages the whole project for you end-to-end and is your only point of contact.

Our team has been manufacturing and delivering products across the globe for a decade, most of the time from the low-cost manufacturing hubs across China. We have exported a wide range of goods to every continent and have clients around the world who trust us to manufacture and deliver their products the way they want them and on time.

We don't just have two China based teams, we also have our own fully incorporated Chinese company and a manufacturing facility of our own. This means we can protect intellectual property effectively within China and also have in-house control for sampling and manufacturing certain types of product.

Our job control systems ensure that every project follows a rigorous set of procedures from initial supplier selection, cost negotiation, sampling and prototyping, production management, quality control, shipping and logistics. For long term contracts we put in place bespoke order and stock control systems, using web-based portals if required, helping to keep our customers informed and in control. We maintain customer and product specific quality control audits on all shipments, catching any potential issues before they get out of the factory, let alone onto the boat.

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