Contracted, multi-tiered supply chain

Shipping: Sea And Air Freight & Importing From China

So your goods are manufactured and are ready to import from China. What next?

Tiger Global has a dedicated freight team operating out of Shanghai and London. We offer a turnkey solution to delivering your goods anywhere in the world.

  • Shipping: Sea And Air Freight

    After manufacturing, goods are quality checked by our staff and then handed over to the logistics team to move them on. We have our own warehouse facility on the outskirts of Shanghai where we can move goods to for collection or consolidation of goods if we are shipping more than one product in your container.

    For urgent orders, Tiger Global works with all major airlines to get the best possible price and lead time for shipment of the goods. We handle all China side customs export documentation and can usually have goods on a flight within three days of the manufacturing being completed.

    For longer lead time projects, the cheapest and safest way to ship is by sea. This can be by "less than a container load" (LCL) or "full container load" (FCL). FCL shipment can be in one of three sizes of container which include a 20ft, 40ft standard and a 40ft high cube, each increasing in capacity.

    We can ship goods to any major port around the world and manage the entire supply chain on your behalf. This is especially useful when a successful product goes global and our clients want to concentrate on sales while not worrying about managing their supply chain.

Within the UK and Europe, Tiger Global can receive the air or sea shipments and manage the goods through customs clearance, duties and onward shipment of those goods directly to your or that of your customer’s door. Our London-based team will ensure that the goods meet all the specific requirements for packing. For example, many larger organisations may require certain pallet sizes, maximum heights and possibly a timed delivery of those goods.

The simple premise is that the logistic side of moving your goods will be fully catered for by our team.

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