Contracted, multi-tiered supply chain

Quality Control

Quality Control is at the heart of everything we source and is the key focus when sourcing products from China.

The pivotal point for you as the customer is your UK-based account manager who will understand your project in depth. Each project has its own quality assurance document drawn up, and depending on the complexity of your sourcing requirements, this may be completed by working in close collaboration with you to ensure every aspect of quality is covered.

For 99% of projects, three pre-production samples will be manufactured and signed off by us and, more importantly, by you. One sample will remain in our Shanghai office, one in the UK office and one will go to you. The Shanghai sample will form the basis by which the goods will be quality controlled at the factory.

Before any final payments are made to the manufacturing factory, one of our own staff will visit the factory and follow a strict QS process to ensure the goods meet all required standards. This comprehensive document ensures every quality point is checked prior to Tiger Global signing off the consignment as ready to ship.

On successful inspection of the goods, payment will be made to the factory and the goods moved on to our logistics department for dispatch.

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