Contracted, multi-tiered supply chain

Our Team

Three offices, one factory, ONE team.

Over the past decade, Tiger Global has refined a company structure to ensure that every part of your sourcing requirement is completed and signed off before moving to the next stage.

At the heart of every project is an account manager who takes responsibility for the project as a whole.

The services within each office are broken down as follows:

  • Tiger Global | London Office

    London Office

    Client and Project Management

    Our London-based client and project management team offers experience, integrity and an understanding of large and small business needs. This is the team our customers work with on a daily basis and is always on hand for client meetings at your offices. You are also welcome to our office for a nice cup of coffee. We work directly with you to understand your needs and manage the ongoing relationship.

    Customs Clearance and Delivery Management

    Our logistics team ensures the delivery of your goods through UK customs by sea or air and onto their final destination. They will arrange repackaging or palletisation as required to meet your warehouse specifications.

    Graphic Design/Creative

    Our in-house designers will produce concept designs, look books, mood boards, logo editing and quality control of branded products.

  • Tiger Global | Hampshire Office

    Hampshire Office

    Finance and Admin

    Our team in Hampshire oversees all financial aspects of each project. They are on hand for advice on each project and have a wealth of experience to help guide you in the growth of your business.

  • Tiger Global | Shanghai Office

    Shanghai Office


    Our ten-strong team have dedicated sourcing experts who work closely with a range of trusted factories. They also source, through a rigorous quality process, new suppliers of products not yet covered by our network.


    Our committed logistics team manages both small and full container loads by sea and air. With our warehousing facility on the outskirts of Shanghai, we can consolidate mixed goods into a single shipment to save you money. We manage goods delivery on your behalf to any location around the world.

    Quality Control

    Quality control is key to our business. Our dedicated staff checks goods at the factory or upon delivery at our warehouse. Quality control documentation is completed and readily available to our customers. We never use third party inspection companies.

    Supply Chain Management

    Our team manages ongoing manufacturing by our factories and reports back on progress to our London office daily.

    Domestic Sales

    Should your product be of interest in China, we can help facilitate sales of your product and retain your profit margins for payment back to you. As we have a fully incorporated business in China, we are able to import, export and sell in the domestic market. The Chinese market is huge and growing. Why not take advantage of this?

  • Tiger Global | Dongguan Factory

    Dongguan Factory


    Run by two expats from Germany and South Africa, the operations team in Dongguan is always available to take briefs from potential new clients and engage directly with both the London team and our clients on Skype calls to assess your needs.

    Should you need specific compliance on garments, the team are on hand to help you though this complex process.


    With three production lines and some of the best staff in China, our garments made in house are of the highest quality and exceed western quality requirements. All members of our staff are paid above the standard rate. They are fantastic and we don't want them to go anywhere else.

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