New Products & Innovation New Products & Innovation New Products & Innovation

New Products & Innovation

  • Experienced UK & Chinese team in new product development
  • Business mentoring/advice
  • Rapid prototyping
  • Patent and IP advice / Protection
  • Guidance on production ready CAD
  • Tooling / Moulding
  • Guidance on production-ready manufacturing
  • Mass Production and Quality Assurance
  • Product Compliance and Ethical Manufacturing

We love innovation and working with innovators. This is probably the most exciting area of our business, and we welcome any individual or company to submit details of their new idea.

We are much more than a contract manufacturer. In 2009, the directors of Tiger Global formed the Ketchup Group. Ketchup is a group of proven companies drawn together by the mutual respect they have for each other's skills and experience.

The Ketchup Group's primary role is to offer a one-stop shop to innovators to bring an idea from concept stage to retail-ready product, with a scalable manufacturing base that can grow as required.

Tiger Global can advise on every aspect of taking an idea right through to commercialisation and we have an unrivalled track record of success. We have been there and done it ourselves with our own product called The BubbleScope so we understand the complexities and somewhat daunting task you have ahead of you but don't worry, we can simplify the whole process.

Our turnkey service leaves you, the innovator, to outsource all of the development process with confidence, so you can concentrate on developing relationships with your potential buyers. Once the product is ready for the market, Tiger Global's expertise in on-going manufacturing and global distribution opens up a global market place for your product in an instant.

We thrive on healthy, productive relationships and conduct our business in a relaxed and approachable manner. You will understand this from your very first conversation with us, so we hope to hear from you soon.

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