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Sourcing Agent - Import from China to UK

Tiger Global makes sourcing from China a simple proposition for our clients. We source goods from a wide variety of reliable suppliers and manage the whole supply chain right through to your destination anywhere in the world.

We have a fully incorporated business in both the UK and China, which means we can enter into legally binding contracts with our suppliers, giving peace of mind to our clients while enabling us to protect any intellectual property you may have for a product.

Our clients range from a single person business or innovator, right through to FTSE 100 companies. Please don't feel your project is too small: we all have to start somewhere and as long as your enquiry can meet the minimum order requirements with a factory, we are happy to work with you.

With offices in London, Hampshire, Shanghai and our own factory in Dongguan, our team cover a vast array of sourcing requests from one-off items to completely bespoke products or multi-tiered supply chain solutions.

Highly experienced in compliance, our UK and China sourcing teams cover every aspect of "corporate and social responsibility" (ethical requirements) as well as products testing such as EN, BS, FDA, ASTM, and all other industry-recognised bodies, to ensure your goods are fit and legal to enter the destination market.

Quality assurance is key to our business, and our China sourcing team offer 'on the ground' quality inspections for all goods before they leave China. We never use third-party inspection companies, preferring to use our own staff, who have an understanding of western quality requirements.

Our services are broken down into six key offerings that cover every type of sourcing request so please select your area of interest:

Sourcing services

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